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What is AxionV?
AxionV uses advanced AI trading methods to maximize investments. While human investors are slow and emotional, AxionV is fast and calculating, using proprietary algorithms and unique trading methods at a lightning speed.

People Sleep

People must sleep, and can’t possibly be trading constantly.

AxionV AI Works 24/7
The AxionV AI tracks trends and analyzes markets around the clock, giving it a huge edge over any person investing in the same space. This allows for maximum granularity when determining entries and exits, while executing broad strategies.

People are Emotional
Studies consistently show that people are unable to properly analyze long-term investments in the short-term due to emotional attachment.

AxionV AI is Strategic
The AxionV AI constantly absorbs and analyzes intelligence without emotional attachment, and instead uses analytics and algorithms to make the correct decision in key critical moments.

People are Limited
The more information an investor has access to, the harder it becomes to make a rapid decision.

AxionV is Unlimited
The AxionV AI can dynamically execute a multitude of complex strategies with unrivaled precision, utilizing the latest insights to instantaneous trade with limitless processing capacity.

Why is AxionV so exclusive?
We are looking to invite only serious investors on the journey with AxionV. Our objective over the years to come is to be the largest cryptocurrency fund in the world. We are utilizing our quant and Wall Street know-how, in combination with AxionV’s trendsetting AI, to bring transformation to the the crypto trading space. At the Momentum Stage, we are limiting how much we raise and how many total investors we bring on board in order to eliminate the friction seen in most ICOs, while putting security first.
ico details
Token Price1 ETH = 1,000 AXION
Investment Cap27,182,818
Minimum Investment Amount$19,000 (in ETH)
Long term vision
Further Phases are being developed, and dates will be announced.
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
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